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Hot Air Drying – Stationary Print Drying

Secomak Direct Drive Fans and Heaters were specified and supplied to an industry leader in Print Drying Technology and Solutions. Operating to an exact, predetermined kW rating, Secomak delivered a standard component print drying solution that included the relevant adaptors and connectors, streamlining the supplier base, minimizing overall cost and reducing space requirements.

The Customer

Secomak are supplying an industry leader in print drying technology, who themselves then deliver this solution to the end user.

This end user excels in automation stationary printing, which required a print drying solution to meet and exceed the demands of continuous printing.

The Challenge

As production speeds have progressively increased, stationary printing has required faster, more efficient and more precise drying applications.

The end user required a more specific customisable solution, that was more efficient and consistent across its operating window. The drying solution had to be effective very quickly from power on and maintain peak performance throughout that production cycle.

These flexible requirements had to be combined with a small footprint and industry leading reliability, with installations often being challenged to operate for thousands of hours without requiring inspection or service.

The Solution

For over 90 years and across a wide variety of projects, Secomak’s range of high-speed fans and process heaters have been engineered and constantly improved to serve the most demanding of applications, with close to no intervention required.

For this application, two stages of drying were identified and supported using standard components including Direct Drive Fans and Process Heaters.

These were selected specifically for priorities of performance, efficiency, space footprint, reliability, and user-specific customisations. Global product certifications also allow various applications on an international level, including certification types CE, UL and CSA.

Stage 1 Drying

Combined with:

  • Process Air Heater Model Secomak HT571 (2kW)

Plus for extraction:

  • Direct Drive Fan Model DD513

Stage 2 Drying

  • Direct Drive Fan Model Secomak DD669

Combined with:

  • Process Air Heater Model Secomak HT632 (13.2kW)

Plus for extraction:

  • Direct Drive Fan Model DD669

The Benefits

Leading performance combined with compact size was a key priority, ensuring the stationary product was treated quickly, evenly and effectively. A smaller space footprint also awarded the customer increased flexibility and extra room to allocate for other uses, such as future modifications to existing product designs.

Secomak’s latest Direct Drive Fans guarantee outstanding efficiency when mounting the motor directly to the fan unit, minimising friction and losses. Our fans are robust and well suited to the demands of continual printing. Built to the same stringent design standards as our gas rated products, they are engineered to the absolute highest standards, ensuring a long and reliable working life.

The Secomak Process Heaters range features rapid warm up and cool down phases to make sure that precise temperature control can be consistently maintained across an operating period, further increasing quality of product output and minimising wastage.

Simplifying where possible, our design incorporated the necessary adaptors and connectors and removed the customers obligation to source additional parts from suppliers, eliminating cost, additional assembly requirements and risk from external supply issues.

Secomak’s range of industrial fans and process heaters are compatible with applications anywhere in the world, including certification types CE, UL and CSA.

Please contact Secomak for more information about our Direct Drive Fans and Process Heaters.

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