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Revolutionising Bottle Drying with Cutting-Edge Technology

In the competitive landscape of bottle drying and packaging, efficiency,…

In the competitive landscape of bottle drying and packaging, efficiency, reliability, and hygiene are paramount. Our client, Astonish, a leading player in the cleaning supplies industry, had been relying on a Secomak dryer supplied in 2017. Satisfied with its performance, they sought a new drying solution for their expanding operations. Their exacting standards required a dryer that not only matched the hygienic design of their current setup but also offered enhanced efficiency and reliability to meet their rigorous production demands. Our equipment is installed at their new state of the art facility opened in 2022 in Bradford.


Astonish’s production facility boasts an exceptionally clean environment, crucial for maintaining product integrity and meeting stringent hygiene standards. Their specific need arose from the necessity to dry bottles after steam shrinking, ensuring they could be securely packed for long-distance shipping. With a significant portion of their products destined for overseas markets, preserving cardboard packaging integrity during transit was non-negotiable.


After extensive research and consideration, Astonish selected our cutting-edge dryer solution, designed to meet and exceed their exacting requirements. While originally operating on a slower line, they were confident in our ability to match the hygienic design they valued. However, our commitment to innovation didn’t stop there.

Innovative Features:

Our dryer integrates state-of-the-art “Eco Pack controls,” meticulously engineered to reduce noise levels, power consumption, and wear and tear on the blower. This not only ensures a quieter working environment but also delivers substantial savings on running costs, bolstering their bottom line.

Additionally, our dryer proudly features our latest blower development, our revolutionary “long life” bearing design. While we can’t disclose the exact nature of this innovation, we can assure you that it represents a paradigm shift in bearing technology. Engineered for optimal performance, these bearings are greased and sealed for life, eliminating the need for maintenance while offering faster rotations and a lifespan exceeding 30,000 hours.


Since implementing our dryer solution, Astonish has experienced unparalleled efficiency and reliability in their bottle drying process. The seamless integration of our technology into their production line has not only optimised operations but also enhanced product quality and consistency. Furthermore, the extended lifespan and maintenance-free nature of our revolutionary bearings have provided peace of mind, backed by a generous 3-year warranty as standard.

“For our new sleeving project, it was a no-brainer to go back to Secomak for the dryer aspect, as our existing one had been installed for upwards of 6 years with almost no downtime during this entire period. Maintenance on the machinery is very simple and if looked after, will run for years and years! The dryers themselves are quite literally fit and forget – once installed every bottle running through the machine will be presented perfectly dry at the outfeed, regardless of the moisture on the bottle at the infeed.”

Ryan Duffy, Lead Engineer


By prioritising innovation, efficiency, and reliability, we have not only met but exceeded their expectations, setting a new standard for bottle drying technology. As they continue to expand their operations and reach new markets, we stand ready to support their growth with cutting-edge solutions tailored to their evolving needs.

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