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Cleaning Residual Grains from Conveyors

The Jordans & Ryvita Company

Jordans needed to remove embedded residual cereal grains from their conveyors, which was causing production to halt each week, leading to considerable additional cost.
Secomak case study Secomak case study Our experience of working with Secomak was excellent, the equipment was easy to set up and install, and after sales service is second to none; a truly great solution and resolution to an on-going long  term issue we faced. Paul Smith - Process Development Technologist
The Jordans & Rivita Company Ltd is a leading UK based producer of whole grain breakfast cereals, breakfast bars and crispbread.

Jordans process 350 tonnes of cereal through their ovens every week. The cereal passes through the ovens at 230°C and is transferred for further processing via two 1500mm wide conveyors made of fine mesh.
The cooking wheat causes the cereal to build up within the holes of the fine mesh conveyors. After 8-10 weeks of use the conveyors become embedded with residual grains and must be replaced at a cost of £3,000 and a downtime of up to 8 hours each.
After consulting with the customer Secomak commissioned two high velocity blowers and air knife systems, each covering a length of 1550mm. The air knives are positioned above the return of each conveyor and use a stream of high pressure (78mbar) air to blow through the fine mesh and strip the residual cereal from the conveyor and divert it to waste.
The new system enables at least another 10 weeks of conveyor use, providing an additional 66 minutes of production per week and a cost saving of £21,667 per annum. "We have increased our belt life to allow full payback from all costings in the first year, as well as the sustained quality in achieving a standard bake out." - Paul Smith
10: Air Knives

Dry, clean, cool and coat, with Secomak's range of Air Knives. Blower driven and very cost effective, they can increase efficiency by up to 85% vs compressed air.