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The PowerWash is built to wash cans, bottles and jars. It uses stainless steel and food grade plastics for simple cleaning and maintenance, whilst double hinged gull wing doors give full, unrestricted access.



125,000 cans /hr

Features & Benefits


Multiple washing fixtures

Ensuring the entire product is fully rinsed.


Reduced water consumption 

By using the optional water and recycling and filtration system.


Fully contained unit

Requires a water source, power and nothing else


Full Wash and Dry solution

If add Drying with the PowerGuide


The PowerWash’s micro-nozzles

Provides a precise and efficient method for rinsing the external surface of the containers while minimising water consumption.


Recycling and Filtration System

Automated recirculation system, the additional water tank filtration system can reduce water consumption by over 50%.

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