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Secomak worked alongside British Gas to design and manufacture the first gas booster back in 1969.

Utilising natural or biogas, Simplex and Duplex Gas Boosters Pumps are a purpose-built centrifugal fan powered by an electric motor, providing a pressure lift to the gas supply where the desired operational pressure cannot be achieved by the installation or gas supply alone. This allows sufficient gas pressure to operate Burners, Boilers and CHP’s to operate efficiently and effectively.

The centrifugal design gives high performance from their small physical size, occupying less space whilst providing a lower power consumption than equivalent direct drive boosters.

Secomak set the standards, having taken an active role in designing BS 8487:2007 as we know it today by being a member of the board. This created a common base for all gas boosters, in addition to other Secomak specific improvements including safety and performance.

Where safety, performance, quality and efficiency is vital, Secomak is the safe choice.
Secomak are widely accredited across BSI, CE, British Standards, IGEM and BMS. Check out our Gas Booster page for more information
British Standard BS 8487
All Secomak Gas Boosters comply with both 2007 & 2013 of the British Standard 8487
Compatible with BMS
All Secomak control boxes have the ability to provide a signal or a common fault and are fully compatible with Building Management Systems
Industrial Affiliate Member of IGEM
Secomak stay up to date with the latest Gas Regulations as members of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers.
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