• Industrial Heater 688/36
  • Industrial Heater 688/36

Model 688 / 36

The Model 688 Process Heater will give an outlet temperature up to 300°C.



36 kW

Max inlet temp

Max inlet temp

120° C

Max exhaust temp

Max exhaust temp

300° C

Max airflow

Max airflow

2,378 m3/hr


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Features & Benefits

The Model 688 Process Heater consists of element assemblies mounted inside a stainless-steel tube which is enclosed in an insulated jacket.


Maximum heat transfer

The insulated jacket allows maximum heat transfer to the airstream while maintaining a low surface temperature. This makes the Model 688 ideal for mounting in vulnerable areas or in enclosures containing other equipment.


Flanged inlet / outlet

The inlet of the 688 is flanged and the outlet is either flanged or provided with a Duct / Hose adapter.


IP65 rated terminal box

The terminal box is manufactured from aluminium and is protected to IP65. Connection is made to each element using DIN rail termination for ease of wiring.


Multiple loadings

The Model 688 Heater will give an outlet temperature up to 300°C and is available in loadings of 6, 9, 12, 18, 20 or 24kW.


Thermal cut-out

The model 688 Heater will give an outlet temperature of 300°C. The inlet of the heater can be fitted with thermal cut-out to protect the element in the event of the airflow becoming restricted.


Temperature controls

A variety of temperature controls are available ranging from switching devices to provide fixed loadings through to systems to monitor and regulate the output temperature.


Range of adapters available

A range of adapters is available to couple the Model 688 with a variety of SECOMAK Fans.

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Industrial Heater 688/36

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