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Secomak Employee Spotlight - Customer Account Manager
As the company has a presence across multiple industries, some of our employees focus on a specific product group to provide the best advice and expertise to our customers. Experienced in Gas and Industrial Fan technology, Secomak’s Customer Account Manager answers some questions about his role and what it means for our customers. 

Ashley Pead

Customer Account Manager


Secomak Employee Spotlight - Ashley Pead
 Secomak Employee Spotlight - Ashley Pead

Describe your role in 10 words
Supporting our customers across several industries with a variety of requirements.

What’s it like?
It varies from quoting gas booster tenders or spares to one-off projects. On the other side, I am involved with company internal and supplier audits and returns, so it can be a mixed bag. I like the diversity of my role as it keeps things fresh. The biggest challenge would be solving issues that happen on site when you are unable to see exactly what the customer is looking at and solving this for them. 
Do you work with a small team or across the whole business?
I work in the sales team, but because of the audit work I find myself involved across the business.

Customer Account Manager - Gas and Industrial Fan Technology
Meet The Secomak Team!

What’s the most rewarding part of the job and why?
Solving a customer’s on-site issue. They can quite complex and time sensitive, so it’s rewarding when you can solve them quickly. 

What’s the most interesting or unusual request you’ve had from a customer? 
We had an enquiry at a show recently to dry leaves from plants. That was certainly something different!

What grinds your gears? 
Not having a cup of tea before 9am. Do not approach! 

If you could pick only one part of your job to do again and again, what would it be and why?
Everyone loves an audit! I’d go back to the most rewarding part – solving customers issues. It is like a personal challenge each time to make sure we can resolve each issue quickly and accurately.

Alternative reality – What would you do for a career if you weren't doing this?
Superhero! Or realistically, I love sport so a role in the sports industry would be my pick.

Find out about the some of our other team members by checking out the About Secomak page.

Winter is Coming Be Sure to Check your Gas Booster!
Gas boosters needs to be maintained every 1-5 years according to British Standards BS8487:2007.

With temperatures dropping below freezing, the need to turn on the heating is rising. Ensuring your Gas Booster has been recently maintained is essential to avoid disruption. Unsure if your’s is up to date? Secomak have got you covered, with parts available off the shelf and team of highly skilled engineers offering servicing. Regular maintenance protects your investment, insures the equipment lasts longer and minimises downtime.

Please see below the minimum recomnenddations for predictive maintenance intervals that follows British Standards BS8487:2007.
Replacement Schedule Once a Year Every 5 Years
Drive Belts                  ✓  
Bearing Assemblies                      ✓
Flexible Connectors                      ✓

Once a Year
Drive Belts should be replaced annually with our approved flat belt. This flat design allows the belt to slip off harmlessly should there be any rotation issues.

Replace Every Five Years
Replace Gas Bearing Assemblies with the approved Secomak design every five years. Our Bearing Assemblies are made from sealed for life cartridges complete with a highly

precisioned impellor, machined from a single piece of aluminim. They have been designed to minimise dust and dirt ingress, reduce heat and friction and simplify installation

Replace Flexible Connectors every five years irrespective of how they appear to be, ensuring a tight seal, whilst minimising vibration and metal fatigue.

If in doubt give us a call and our friendly sales team will be more than happy to help you out.
Secomak Concludes PPMA 2021 At NEC Birmingham
That’s it! PPMA has concluded for another year, and Secomak are back in the office after a busy week of networking. 

The PowerGuide Drying Machine was on display for the entire week, showcasing its revolutionary DryGuide™ technology, which is mounted within the completely integrated and enclosed drying tunnel. 

PPMA 2021 - Secomak Stand Featuring the PowerGuide Drying Machine
 Secomak PowerGuide (PPMA Show)

Throughout the show, both OEMs and End Users visited to discuss their drying needs for aluminium cans, glass bottles and PET bottles. Secomak’s experience across all containers and material types really helped when discussing new projects, because we have almost certainly completed similar project before! 

Click For Secomak Drying Case Studies

PPMA TV - Secomak Interview With Anthony Hughes (Director of Sales)
 PPMA TV Interviewing Anthony Hughes (Director of Sales)

The PPMA TV team interviewed our Director of Sales to discuss the show, the packaging industry and how a washing and drying solution benefits the production process, and ultimately the final product to the customer, such as drying up to 125,000 units p/hr!

As we start work on new projects from the show, please reach out to us with your own drying requirements. No matter the application, Secomak have a solution that will improve product quality, reduce cost, and leave your cans, bottles, or jars completely dry!

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Secomak Exhibiting At The PPMA Show This 28-30 September
Secomak will be showing our latest container drying solution at PPMA on the 28th-30th September, the Secomak PowerGuide.

The PowerGuide is a completely integrated and enclosed drying tunnel, featuring our revolutionary DryGuide™ technology, which is mounted within the tunnel. The tunnel is hygienically designed, with all internal parts manufactured from stainless steel and food grade plastics. An integrated drip tray collects and removes all moisture allowing it to be drained away to a single point.

Secomak PowerGuide (Blower on Display)
 Secomak PowerGuide (PPMA Show)

Secomak take complete ownership of every aspect of the machine, including the blower technology. Housed in the base of the machine for ease of access and maintenance, Secomak install our own developed, high velocity blower, one of the reasons that our technology is a leader in reliability and efficiency.

The PowerGuide has been designed to dry all types of food and beverage containers including cans, bottles and jars and can easily be installed on both new and existing lines.

Visit Secomak at stand E30 to see the PowerGuide for yourself.

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New Developments in Fans and Blowers
Secomak’s range of Fans and Blowers have been relied on for years by our clients for their excellent performance, high efficiency, and rock-solid reliability.

Secomak Direct Drive Fan (HV428)
 Secomak's Existing High Velocity Blower (HV428)

Even so, our engineers have identified areas to refine, improving performance further whilst maintaining the simple and reliable characteristics that customers demand. The updated and expanded range is approaching the final stages of development, with expected release due in Q4 2021.

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Secomak Direct Drive Fan (DD643)
 Secomak's Existing Direct Drive Fan (DD643)

Secomak supply high-speed fan and blower solutions to customers across the UK and internationally, ranging from cooling, heating, dust and debris transportation, hazardous gas ventilation and high-speed air applications. Even if your application is unique, it’s likely we have supplied a solution before.

If you have an application that requires heated or cool high-speed airflow, ask our sales team to help you select a solution. 
Heat Pack - Clean, Dry, Hot Air

What Is The Heat Pack?

The Heat Pack is Secomak's range of packaged process air heater sets. These are complete and ready-to-install systems, which include an industrial grade fan, electric process air heater and temperature control. The Heat Pack is available in 3 levels of installed power, including:
  • Heat Pack 9 kW
  • Heat Pack 18 kW
  • Heat Pack 36 kW

Optional braked castors and an adjustable height handle are also available to produce the Mobile Heat Pack, for easy manoeuvrability.

Why Would I Use It?

The Heat Pack uses all or part of the element load, which is switched using solid state relays to give accurate temperature control. This not only produces a constant, consistent temperature, it also keeps efficiency as high as possible. 

In addition, an automatic temperature sensor monitors system performance and shuts the Heat Pack down if the temperature rises above a pre-set level. This is a key safety feature, which gives additional piece of mind to the user.  

The Heat Pack complies with CE, EMC and is low voltage approved.

Secomak Heat Pack - 9 kW, 18 kW, 36 kW

View the Heat Pack Datasheet Here

What Kind Of Scenario Would I Use It For?

  • Curing of composites
  • Drying Circuit boards
  • Waste Radiation Neutralisation
  • Sterilising Ingredients in Food Production
  • Drying Flooded Property
  • Airplane Nose Cone Drying
  • Pest Control


Who Can Help With My Application?

Through supporting our customers, Secomak has adapted the Heat Pack to suit a wide variety of applications.
Call or Email the sales team with details about your application for free advice and a quotation specific to you.
2020/21 - A Record Year for the PowerGuide Drying Machine
Secomak PowerGuide Drying Machine
Secomak DryGuide™ Technology

Secomak Drying Solutions had its best year ever in 2020/21. The company increased drying machine sales by almost 20% this year, with over 100 "PowerGuide" Drying Machines delivered around the world through the 2020/2021 financial year. The company has seen strong growth across the business, and particularly in beverage drying solutions.

As food and beverage production continued unabated throughout the pandemic, demand has grown for powerful and efficient drying solutions that increase product quality, such as preventing rust or bacterial growth, whilst improving aesthetics. Continuous innovations by our UK engineering team combined with increased global demand from our customers have contributed to this increase in sales performance.

The PowerGuide is Secomak’s halo Drying Machine, including innovative DryGuide™ Technology which delivers maximum drying performance and efficiency for cans, bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes. Unlike typical air knives, the drying fixture is integrated into the guidance system and fixed in the optimum position which delivers maximum performance and efficiency. It is ideal for any full container drying application on production lines running at up to 125,000 units per/hour. 

Ask Secomak how the PowerGuide can improve your drying application across one or multiple production lines.
Laser Aligned Pulleys – Why Choose Secomak?
Secomak’s belt driven products, including the PowerGuide Drying Machine, Model 588T Gas Booster and Model 587 Turbo Industrial Fan utilise a powerful motor, which needs a heavy-duty drive belt to match! These are different to our smaller fan and blower products, incorporating teeth and improved strength to cope with the increased torque from the motor.

Laser Aligned Drive Belt
 Secomak's Heavy Duty Motor and Drive Belt Technology (Model 588T Gas Booster)

During manufacture at our UK factory, our engineers use laser alignment techniques on our toothed and smooth drive belt products to establish a completely straight, flat plane for the belt to operate. With motor speeds of up to 11,200rpm, Secomak’s blower technology employs incredibly tight tolerances to deliver a product that leads in:


Only the latest “Premium Efficiency” IE3 Motors are used.  


 Laser aligned belts and pulleys keep the belt tension consistent over longer periods, helping them last longer.


A completely flat plane reduces vibrations.


 Noise absorbing material is installed in the housing unit.

Laser Close Up
 Laser Pulley Alignment Provides Consistent Belt Tension Over Longer Periods for Efficiency, Longer Belt Life and Stability

To maintain peak efficiency, Secomak recommends that the drive belts on our systems are inspected every 2 months to monitor belt condition, with replacement recommended each year. Spares are stocked locally at our Elstree UK location, and can be shipped for quick delivery where needed. We support our customers with any questions or concerns and can give advice or engineering support digitally or on-site where required. 
Spring Tension Solution - Why Choose Secomak?
Secomak’s range of Belt Driven Industrial Fans and Blowers are individually tensioned at our UK factory, prior to shipping. This is important in maintaining the correct belt tension without needing operator intervention during everyday use.

Where necessary and for specific products, our Spring Tensioner solution is installed to provide the optimum belt tension. This self-adjusting solution provides constant tension onto the drive belt, helping to reduce slip and secure the belt onto the pulleys, reducing instances of the belt from coming off.

Secomak Spring Tension System
Maintain Optimum Belt Tension with Secomak's Spring Tensioner System

The springs are manufactured and tested during inspection to conform to precise tolerances and when assembled, provide a specific belt tension measured to ensure it is within Secomak’s tight tolerances. This prevents belt slip without exerting excessive load on the bearing, allowing maximum life of all rotating components.

The Spring Tensioner system is automatic, reliable, and remarkably simple, requiring no maintenance during normal operation. It’s available installed as new at our factory, or as an upgrade to your existing belt driven product.

Maintain Optimum Belt Tension with Secomak's Spring Tensioner System.
Sealed Bearings - Why Choose Secomak?
Secomak use a variety of bearings, including customised SKF manufactured bearings. These are designed and optimised to meet Secomak’s specific performance requirements, accomplishing better results than other off-the-shelf components.

Sealed Bearings Customised For Secomak
 Sealed Bearings Customised For Secomak's Specific Performance Requirements

Fully sealed, Secomak’s Sealed Bearings do not need to be regreased and are completely enclosed from the atmosphere. Keeping the bearing sealed ensures that our premium-grade grease remains in place, keeping the bearing lubricated and smooth to operate. This helps to prevent overheating and makes sure our sealed bearings are reliable and operate for many thousands of hours prior to replacement, reducing cost and increasing maintenance intervals. Preventing dust and dirt from entering the bearing is another advantage, leading to reduced friction and wear over the life of the bearings.
Secomak’s quality Sealed Bearings benefit Facilities and Maintenance who operate the relevant Secomak products, often requiring less cost and time allocated to keep the products running efficiently.

Sealed Gas Bearing Assembly
 Secomak Sealed Bearing Assembly (Gas Yellow)

Ask our sales and technical team how Secomak’s Sealed Bearings can benefit your application.