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2020/21 – A Record Year for the PowerGuide Drying Machine

Secomak Drying Solutions had its best year ever in 2020/21.

2020/21 – A Record Year for the PowerGuide Drying Machine

The company increased drying machine sales by almost 20% this year, with over 100 “PowerGuide” Drying Machines delivered around the world through the 2020/2021 financial year. The company has seen strong growth across the business, and particularly in beverage drying solutions.

As food and beverage production continued unabated throughout the pandemic, demand has grown for powerful and efficient drying solutions that increase product quality, such as preventing rust or bacterial growth, whilst improving aesthetics. Continuous innovations by our UK engineering team combined with increased global demand from our customers have contributed to this increase in sales performance.

The PowerGuide is Secomak’s halo Drying Machine, including innovative DryGuide™ Technology which delivers maximum drying performance and efficiency for cans, bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes. Unlike typical air knives, the drying fixture is integrated into the guidance system and fixed in the optimum position which delivers maximum performance and efficiency. It is ideal for any full container drying application on production lines running at up to 125,000 units per/hour.

Ask Secomak how the PowerGuide can improve your drying application across one or multiple production lines.

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