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Boosting Gas Pressure

Which Gas Booster solution is right for you?

Boosting Gas Pressure

If you have a boiler, burner or CHP that needs an increase in pressure, a Gas Booster is a cost effective and reliable solution.

But with multiple Gas Booster packages available, what would be best for your application?

Gas Booster Package 

Secomak Package Gas Booster

A Standard Package Gas Booster

The original Secomak Solution. A standard Gas Booster increases the pressure (but not the volume) of the supplied gas in a way that is efficient and reliable. Secomak’s standard Gas Booster range is a simple and inexpensive way to boost pressure.

Secomak’s centrifugal blower technology is both powerful and compact, keeping the footprint of the Gas Booster small and allowing more installation options for gas contractors.
A gas booster runs at a constant speed, supplying maximum pressure at all times and standard maintenance applies to recommended British Standards 8487:2007.

APS Inverter System

Short for Automatic Pressure Setpoint, the APS Inverter driven gas booster, maintains a consistent outlet pressure at a requested setpoint.

Irrespective of the volume of gas, the APS controls ensure a constant outlet pressure. It is perfect for applications where the pressure must stay consistent and stable. If maximum performance is not needed then the system automatically reduces the speed of the gas booster, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption, reduced noise levels and less wear and tear on the booster’s components.

In addition, the APS Inverter System offers additional control functionality including a reduction in booster acceleration (ramp up) and deceleration times. This is often a necessity by gas suppliers when the boosters are installed on shared main supplies, helping to prevent low pressure warnings.

Duty Standby

Secomak Duty Standby
Secomak Duty Standby

Consisting of two identical Gas Boosters, the Duty Standby is ideal when reliability is critical such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Residential Homes
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Process Applications
  • General Heating & Ventilation

In a “Run and Standby” configuration, the system will automatically switch between the two boosters in the event of a fault, ensuring the boosted gas pressure supply is unaffected. The system will also alternate every seven days (customisable), ensuring that wear on the bearings and drives is spread between two machines. This means that maintenance never interrupts supply of gas, as the alternative booster is in operation.

Having two boosters also eliminates downtime for the same reason. Regular checks from the maintenance team ensures you will always have at least one operational Gas Booster.
The Duty Standby is also available as an APS Inverter System, with the advantages of both configurations.

Gas Sensor System

Secomak Gas Sensor System
Secomak Gas Sensor System

The safest solution for gas operations in more sensitive locations requiring lower noise levels and combined with the Acoustic Enclosure; a “Sniffer” sensor can detect potential gas leaks as soon as it recognises a change in the surrounding atmosphere.

Once detected, is uses Visual and Audible Pre-Alarm Warnings prior to an Automatic Safety Cut Off cuts all electrical supply to the system, reducing any potential threat.

The Gas Sensor System also uses an ATEX Rated Motor for maximum confidence in hazardous environments, such as gaseous, dusty or wet environments.

The Gas Sensor System is an APS Inverter System as standard and is also available in Duty Standby configuration for maximum safety, reliability and efficiency.

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