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Facebook Gas Boosters

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Facebook Gas Boosters

The Gas Booster team have been busy supporting industry this Winter. One of the newest projects is with Facebook at their Brock Street office building in London’s Euston and Kings Cross region. Recently installed, a case study will be published in March.

Facebook are investing in London, increasing desk capacity across the capital to 6,000, with a significant amount based in Brock Street. As worker capacity increases, so does the need for office heating and cooking facilities; the need for more high pressure gas is greater than ever.

The contractor ensured this internationally recognised technology brand had the best solution on the market, for the best reliability, performance and safety. For this they turned to Secomak and our Gas Sensor System.

The safest solution for gas operations in more sensitive locations requiring lower noise levels and combined with the Acoustic Enclosure; a “Sniffer” sensor can detect potential gas leaks as soon as it recognises a change in the surrounding atmosphere.

Once detected, is uses Visual and Audible Pre-Alarm Warnings prior to an Automatic Safety Cut Off cuts all electrical supply to the system, reducing any potential threat.

The Gas Sensor System also uses an ATEX Rated Motor for maximum confidence in hazardous environments, such as gaseous, dusty or wet environments.

The Gas Sensor System is an APS Inverter System as standard and is also available in Duty Standby configuration for maximum safety, reliability and efficiency.

Check out our Case Study section this March for the full details on Facebook’s Brock Street installation.

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