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Heat Pack – Clean, Dry, Hot Air

What Is The Heat Pack? The Heat Pack is Secomak’s…

Heat Pack – Clean, Dry, Hot Air

What Is The Heat Pack?

The Heat Pack is Secomak’s range of packaged process air heater sets. These are complete and ready-to-install systems, which include an industrial grade fan, electric process air heater and temperature control. The Heat Pack is available in 3 levels of installed power, including:

  • Heat Pack 9 kW
  • Heat Pack 18 kW
  • Heat Pack 36 kW

Optional braked castors and an adjustable height handle are also available to produce the Mobile Heat Pack, for easy manoeuvrability.

Why Would I Use It?

The Heat Pack uses all or part of the element load, which is switched using solid state relays to give accurate temperature control. This not only produces a constant, consistent temperature, it also keeps efficiency as high as possible.

In addition, an automatic temperature sensor monitors system performance and shuts the Heat Pack down if the temperature rises above a pre-set level. This is a key safety feature, which gives additional piece of mind to the user.

The Heat Pack complies with CE, EMC and is low voltage approved.

What Kind Of Scenario Would I Use It For?

  • Curing of composites
  • Drying Circuit boards
  • Waste Radiation Neutralisation
  • Sterilising Ingredients in Food Production
  • Drying Flooded Property
  • Airplane Nose Cone Drying
  • Pest Control

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