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Sealed Bearings

Why Choose Secomak?

Sealed Bearings

Secomak use a variety of bearings, including customised SKF manufactured bearings. These are designed and optimised to meet Secomak’s specific performance requirements, accomplishing better results than other off-the-shelf components.

Fully sealed, Secomak’s Sealed Bearings do not need to be regreased and are completely enclosed from the atmosphere. Keeping the bearing sealed ensures that our premium-grade grease remains in place, keeping the bearing lubricated and smooth to operate. This helps to prevent overheating and makes sure our sealed bearings are reliable and operate for many thousands of hours prior to replacement, reducing cost and increasing maintenance intervals. Preventing dust and dirt from entering the bearing is another advantage, leading to reduced friction and wear over the life of the bearings.

Secomak’s quality Sealed Bearings benefit Facilities and Maintenance who operate the relevant Secomak products, often requiring less cost and time allocated to keep the products running efficiently.

Ask our sales and technical team how Secomak’s Sealed Bearings can benefit your application.

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