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Secomak at PPMA 2023

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Secomak is proud to announce that our preparations are in full swing for this highly anticipated event. In the lead-up to the show, we are thrilled to present a spotlight on one of our most fantastic products, the groundbreaking Gas Boosters!

Our journey with Gas Boosters dates back to 1966 when we first developed these exceptional devices. Fast forward to today, and we manufacture a diverse range of centrifugal gas boosters catering to residential, commercial, and manufacturing applications.

This year at the PPMA Show, we are unveiling our latest innovation, the cutting-edge HMI based control system, an upgrade on our immensely popular “Duty & Standby APS” control package.

What makes the Duty & Standby configuration so vital is its ability to ensure an uninterrupted supply of booster gas when it is critically needed. The controls are designed to automatically switch over the running booster every 7 days, guaranteeing equal wear and enabling preventive maintenance at a user-convenient time. In case of an unexpected stoppage, the backup gas booster swiftly takes over, ensuring continuous operation without any interruptions.

Introducing APS, which stands for Automatic Pressure Setpoint – this feature empowers users to enter their desired boosted pressure. In conjunction with the included inverters, the system automatically regulates the gas booster’s speed to maintain the desired outlet pressure. The primary purpose of APS controls is to ensure the gas pressure remains stable, even amidst fluctuating demand. This unparalleled precision makes our Gas Boosters ideal for industries such as food processing, medical equipment, and manufacturing processes.

One of the most significant advantages of APS controls is the reduction in wear and tear. Unlike traditional systems that run at 100% capacity all the time, our Gas Boosters only run at the required speed to achieve the desired pressure. This results in reduced energy consumption, lower noise levels, and significantly extends the overall lifespan of the gas booster.

In a nutshell, the Duty & Standby package, combined with APS controls, makes our Gas Boosters the most reliable option for applications where raised gas pressure is essential.

Make sure to visit our booth at the PPMA Show 2023 and witness the future of gas boosting technology firsthand. Our team will be thrilled to demonstrate the power and efficiency of these extraordinary gas boosters. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your gas pressure requirements to new heights!

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