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Gas Boosters

Product Features
  • Bearing Assemblies, Drive Belts, Flexible Connectors

  • Connection Kits, Acoustic Enclosures,

  • Non-Return Valves, Gas Reservoirs

Bearing Assembly
Secomak Gas Boosters use a completely sealed bearing unit, minimising the risk of dirt and dust ingress, whilst reducing wear and heat output. These bearing assemblies are available for Gas Products (Yellow) and BioGas products (Red). To comply with British Standard 8487:2007 and ensure the most efficient and reliable product lifespan, Secomak recommends that the bearing assembly is replaced every five years.

Drive Belts
To ensure safety and efficiency it should be routine that all Drive Belts are inspected thoroughly for wear or damage, otherwise they should be replaced annually. If a drive belt is thrown from its pulley this indicates a sign of wear on the belt and should be inspected closely. If you are unsure of how to do this or to change your drive belt, then do not hesitate to contact us. Secomak stock a full range of replacement parts for their gas boosters and are constructed in accordance with the recently published British Standard 8487:2007.
Flexible Connectors
It is recommended that flexible connectors are replaced every 5 years to ensure safety and efficiency. Irrespective of this if any visible signs of wear or damage are existent then the flexible connectors should be replaced immediately. Secomak stock a full range of replacement parts for their gas boosters and are constructed in accordance with the recently published BS 8487.
Connection Kit
The Secomak Gas Booster connection kit includes the parts most often required when fitting the booster. These include two flexible connectors, a non-return valve, inlet/outlet switches, gaskets and anti-vibration mounts. These parts are available separately if required.
Acoustic Enclosure
The Acoustic Enclosure have been designed to reduce operational noise levels. A noise reduction of around 10-15dB (A) can be achieved whilst still maintaining the performance and motor cooling. The enclosure is designed to be fully demountable and have panels secured by quick release toggle clips.
Non-Return Valves
Non-return valves are a means of preventing a reverse flow and in accordance with the Gas Act 1972, must be fitted in the gas line where air at higher pressure is mixed with fuel gas prior to combustion and many types of industrial burners. Non-return valves should also be fitted in the corresponding air line where there is a possibility of the pressure falling below that of the gas, a condition frequently encountered when starting up. Larger sizes of non-return valves can be fitted on the outlet side of the gas meter to give general protection and smaller sizes should be fitted on the inlet pipe to any appliance where gas and air are mixed.
Gas Reservoirs
Gas regulations state that gas pressure to the gas booster must not fall below 10 millibar. Some installations are known to experience issues with transient drops in pressure, often caused by the slow reaction time of a gas meter. In such cases, Secomak recommend a Gas Reservoir. It is simple to install and should solve the main issues for gas booster tripping. The Gas Reservoir for the Secomak Model 576 Gas Booster is fitted with:

- 1 x 1/2" BSP female socket side connection for the Low Pressure cut off switch, c/w compression fittings and sensing tube
- A Gas Reservoir is of welded construction prefabricated from BS1387 mild steel tube with weld cap ends
- 1 x vertical 3/4" BSP female socket top connection for customers to extend and connect to mains gas service on inlet side of booster
- All Gas Reservoirs are strengthened tightness tested prior to dispatch and painted with one coat of red oxide primer paint.

Installation: The Gas Reservoir inlet should be connected directly to gas service and should not be fitted with isolating valves.
It is recommended that the gas reservoir branch connection is installed downstream of the main booster inlet isolating valve, prior to the flanged inlet connection on the gas booster.

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