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Airmiser Nozzles, Jets & Safety Hand Gun

Beck Annular nozzles

Product Features
  • Safe multi-nozzle design

  • No motors or electricity required

  • No moving parts - Maintenance free

  • Low air consumption

  • Significant cost reductions

  • Easily mounted onto existing installations

  • Scalable for greater effect

The Beck Airmiser uses a series of annular nozzles instead of a single hole to create a safer, more energy efficient, lower noise alternative to open tubes and pipes.

A small volume of compressed air is amplified up to 25 times by utilising the Coandă effect to induce a higher flow of ambient air into the air stream.

Replacing open jets with Airmisers will give significantly reduced air consumption and lower noise levels. In many cases, it is a simple operation to install Airmiser nozzles.

Airmises are suitable for use individually or in multiple arrays to create a much greater effect.

The multi-nozzle arrangement of the Airmiser is designed to be a much safer alternative to standard compressed air. The unique design prevents injury caused by air entering the bloodstream via a single open pipe at high pressures, safeguarding operators and reducing risk.
  • No moving parts - means the Airmiser is maintenance free
  • Low air consumption means significantly lower running costs than open holes and pipes
  • Quieter Operation (below 80 dB (A) at 1m) for an improved working environment
  • Easily mounted onto existing installations
The Beck Airmiser Jet uses the proven technology from the Ringjets to create a high velocity flow where greater performance is required for blow off and cooling applications.

The Safety Hand Gun uses the same technology as the Airmiser but with the convenience of an ergonomic handle making it a useful general purpose blow off tool.

The Pneumatic Airstrip is particularly suitable for drying applications in either hand held or stand mounted format.
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