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Clustajets Ventilators

Beck Ventilation and extraction

Product Features
  • Ventilate or extract various material

  • Dry or cool components

  • No motors or electricity required

  • Safe in hazardous environments

  • Adjustable flow control

  • Size range 102mm-305mm / 4”-12”

High performance ventilation and extraction, without motors or electricity. 

Secomak’s range of Beck Air Clustajet Ventilators are a compressed air operated fan, which utilise Secomak Ringjet technology to create a robust, maintenance free, high performance ventilator.

ATEX exempt, the Clustajet is perfect for use in hazardous environments, such as an aircraft fuselag or an enclosed space with excess moisture.

Multiple Ringjets are positioned inside a steel casing to create a “space rocket” jet effect, helping it achieve its high performance.

For a given airflow, a Clustajet is lighter in weight and smaller than equivalent electric fans.

As the Clustajet uses compressed air, no electrical supply is needed, making it suitable for safe use in hazardous or wet locations. It is particularly suitable for ventilating sewers, tunnels, manholes, fuel tank silos, vats and similar spaces requiring the transport of air, dust, fumes or dangerous gasses over long distances. Other Industries include Welding, Shipbuilding, Construction and Utilities. As a general guide, one unit will be required for every 25m.

Often the best way to ventilate a confined space is by extraction of the contaminated air, allowing fresh air to flow in naturally.

Clustajets also provide a cool, high volume stream of air which is suitable for cooling components, processes and drying.

Standard Clustajets are manufactured from a strong welded steel casting. Other options include PVC Clustajets and Flexible Hoses.

For even higher conveying performance, our range also includes the Pneu-Power Conveyor.
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  • Transport air, dust, fumes or gasses
  • Use in Hazardous or wet locations
  • Sewers, Tunnels, Manholes, Fuel tank silos, Vats
  • Aircraft Fuselage
  • Welding
  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction
  • Utilities


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