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Flexible, Reliable, Efficient Drying

Product Features
  • Bespoke container dryer

  • Excellent efficiency and performance

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Robust, reliable, low maintenance design

  • Ideal for glass bottles, cans, pouches and PET

Moisture and condensation are common problems in packaging, with issues ranging across labelling, sealing, boxing, stacking and rust. Some of these issues are severe enough to cause quality issues, increase wastage and even halt production. This is what F.R.E.D. has been created to solve.
Powerful and effective, F.R.E.D. is the ideal compact drying solution. When space and time are limited, F.R.E.D. provides a simple and cost effective way to remove moisture from a variety of bottles, cans and pouches.

F.R.E.D. embraces modern air knife technology, taking advantage of strong efficiency and excellent drying performance. Maintaining the focus on low energy consumption, F.R.E.D. incorporates inverter control. Remarkably effective, this often results in vast energy savings and the associated cost reductions. F.R.E.D. often achieves payback in a matter of months. 

Designed for easy installation, F.R.E.D. drops directly over the conveyor of an existing production line, keeping the line intact and reducing installation time. At little over one metre in length, F.R.E.D.’s compact dimensions ensure flexible placement to fit in with your specific requirements, without adding complications often experienced when adding a new machine to the line.

Minimal moving parts ensure that F.R.E.D. is both robust and reliable, ensuring production lines stay operational and ensuring costly line stoppages never occur. 
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  • Date coding
  • Drying can tops
  • Drying for final pack
  • Drying for can labels
  • Shrink sleeve application
Glass Bottle
  • Date coding
  • Labelling
  • Cap inspection
  • Shrink sleeve application
  • Returnable inspection
  • Full bottle inspection
PET Bottle
  • Date coding
  • Labelling
  • Cap inspection
  • Shrink sleeve application
  • Camera orientation


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