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Product Features
  • Safe – Ridged housing unit

  • Strong – Aluminium Construction

  • Reliable – Handbuilt and Balanced

  • Installation Kit included

  • Acoustic Enclosure Available

As the demand for energy increases, so does the need for natural gas and biogas to fuel offices, schools, factories, hotels, restaurants and more. Gas pressure is vital. If pressure is too low, modern equipment may not function correctly or not at all. The resultant loss of business can be critical, with a reliable source of gas pressure proving invaluable. 

Secomak’s range of Natural Gas Boosters and Biogas Boosters are a fast, convienient and extremely cost effective way to raise gas pressure. Based upon centrifugal fan designs, they give excellent performance despite their compact physical size, ensuring they can be placed in a wide variety of locations.

Secomak offers their range of Gas Boosters as a package, including controls and an installation kit, comprising of two flexible connectors, a non-return valve, inlet/outlet switches, gaskets and anti-vibration mounts. This ensures that the Gas Booster is ready to install as soon as you unpack it. Available in Simplex and Duplex designs, Secomak offer their Gas Boosters as a Duty Standby System, APS Inverter System and an automatic Gas Sensor System. A full Acoustic Enclosure to dampen sound is also available.   

Reliable and built to last, Secomak Gas Boosters have been designed to give performance with only routine maintenance required. Our UK factory hand assembles every single booster that ships to customers, required to meet British Standards.

Not content with this, Secomak hand balances every impeller individually, ensuring that the internals of the Gas Booster are as smooth and efficient as possible.

Safety is a critical factor when working with gas. In line with this, the range Secomak Gas Boosters use a completely sealed bearing unit, minimising the risk of dirt and dust ingress, whilst reducing wear and heat output. Cast from aluminium or iron, the sturdy housing unit encompasses a ridged design to lock in strength and provide the safest gas pressure solution.

To comply with British Standard 8487:2007, ensuring the best performance and most reliable operation, Secomak recommends that the drive belt is replaced each year, whilst the bearing assembly unit is replaced every five years.
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