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Pneu-Power Air Conveyor

Beck Amplifiers and conveyors

Product Features
  • Adjustable flow control

  • No motors or electricity required

  • No moving parts - Maintenance free

  • Low air consumption

  • Significant cost reductions

High suction conveying without the hassle of pumps, blowers or electricity....

The Beck Pneu-Power is a bladeless, motor-less fan which connects to flexible hose and gives high vacuum or high flow for conveying and Pneu-Power extracting all kinds of materials in process, food and manufacturing industries.

Using a small volume of compressed air as the power source, the Pneu-Power utilises the Coandă effect to draw larger volumes of ambient air into the device to amplify the air flow by up to 25 times.

The Pneu-Power has very high performance and is capable of moving material over very long distances. It is also extremely robust, being manufactured from cast aluminium and designed for use in harsh environments.

The Pneu-Power is available in two configurations:
  • Type A offers higher flow
  • Type B offers higher suction
For applications where extraction only is required, the silencer (supplied) diffuses the air and reduces the noise from the device.

Key Benefits of using Beck's Pneu-Power

  • No moving parts - means the Pneu-Power is maintenance free
  • No electricity required - means they are safe to use with liquids and wet material
  • Adjustable flow control - using air valve and inlet pressure
  • Energy efficient - means low running costs
  • Quiet Operation (less than 80 dB(A))
Conveying Tank Filling & Draining
Hopper Loading
Swarf Removal
Extraction Fumes
Waste Material
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