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Modular & Compact Dehumidifying Unit

Product Features
  • Dew Point Reductions from 14°C to 3°C

  • Prevent Condensation

  • No factory-wide atmospheric controls required

  • Maintain quality whilst Reducing Expenditure

The Secomak PowerCAT is a modular, compact dehumidifying unit developed for moderate atmospheric conditions. The system maintains the atmospheric ambience around the container below the dew point of the container surface, with typical dew point reductions from 14°C to 3°C.

The PowerCAT is designed to integrate into existing processing lines to prevent the build up of condensations between processes on bottling and filling lines. The PowerCAT prevents the need for moisture removal and factory-wide atmospheric controls by regulating humidity directly on the conveyor.

The PowerCAT is available as both a standalone unit or can be and integrated as a module into a Secomak drying tunnel.
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