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PowerClean UV

UVC Sterilisation for Cans

Product Features
  • UVC Sterilising Removes Bacteria From Can Lid

  • Log 4 / 99.99% Inactivation Rates Of Bacillus Subtilis

  • Cooling Fans Maintain Ideal Operating Temperature

  • UVC Is Sleeved So No Ozone Is Omitted

  • Integrated Modular Design Up To 125,000 cans p/hr

A high specification UVC sterilisation unit, the Secomak PowerClean UV is designed to sterilise packaging surfaces on high speed production lines. 

As more production lines are incorporating foil lids, UVC sterilising is becoming a critical requirement when delivering a food or beverage product to the modern health-concious consumer.

The PowerClean ensures these products leave the production line in a high quality, safe and clean state - the best possible condition.

  • High-intensity germicidal UVC emitters (pictured) provide the maximum possible sterilisation

  • UVC Sterilisation guarantees Log 4 inactivation rates (99.99%) for Bacillus Subtilis, a common food spoilage bacteria which lives and multiplies on can lids

  • Automatic cooling fans maintain the ideal operating temperature, ensuring efficient operation and safeguarding against overheating

  • UVC sleeving eliminates Ozone emissions

  • Operates at speeds of up to 125,000 cans p/hr

  • Modular design (1.5m p/unit) ensures flexible and simple installation into new and existing lines

  • Hygienic and stylish gull wing doors

UV Elements

Utilising high-intensity germicidal UVC emitters, the PowerClean UV provides the maximum possible sterilisation of Log 4 (99.99%) total inactivation rates. The fully integrated, modular design allows simple installation into new and existing canning lines, offering flexibility to tailor a PowerClean to the specific customer and their needs or application. 

Hygienic and stylish gull wing doors allow easy access for cleaning and adjustments, ensuring a minimal footprint for each module, with less space required for any UV Sterilisation application on the factory floor. 

Installations include Eco Pack controls, which only consume power when in operation, minimising power usage when idle. 

Combine the Secomak PowerClean with the PowerWash and PowerGuide products for the complete can washing, drying and sterilising solution.



WHY IS UVC sterilisation SO IMPORTANT?

Hygiene is increasingly a critical factor across the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. 
When cans, bottles and other containers are washed and dried, an additional layer of protection can be offered through UVC Sterilisation, removing almost all traces of bacteria.

Secomak’s PowerClean UV Machine ensures:

Log 4 (99.99%) of Bacteria Inactivated
Maximum Cleanliness
High Product Quality and Safety
Reduces Risk to Consumers and Suppliers
Increases Customer Confidence


The PowerClean offers total sterilisation confidence, combined with ease-of-use and reliability combined with Secomak’s expert technical support - guaranteed.

Add Washing With The


  • Rinse and clean complete containers including bottles, cans and jars

  • Remove product overfill and unwanted contaminates 

  • Combine the PowerGuide and PowerClean for the most comprehensive Washing, Drying and Sterilising Solution.


Add Drying With The


  • Dry Containers Including Cans, Bottles and Jars 

  • Exclusive DryGuide Technology removes moisture from the complete can 

  • Combine the PowerWash and PowerClean for the most comprehensive Washing, Drying and Sterilising Solution. 

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