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Can, Bottle & Jar Washing

Product Features
  • Multiple washing fixtures rinse entire product

  • Auto Start/Stop function

  • Optional water recycling and filtration system

  • Contained unit, requiring water and power only


A comprehensive industrial washing solution, the PowerWash is built to wash cans, bottles and jars.
A clean container is essential before and after the filling process. The PowerWash uses a combination of washing fixtures to thoroughly rinse and clean the external surface of the container.
PowerWash Key Benefits
Multiple washing fixtures ensure the entire product is fully rinsed, including; underneath crown caps and jar lids, can tops and the sides of the product.
Auto Start/Stop function using the included AquaMinder product. 
Reduce water consumption substantially using the optional water recycling and filtration system.
Fully contained unit, requiring a water source, power and nothing else.
Add Drying with the PowerGuide can, bottle and jar drying machine, for the full Wash & Dry solution.

The PowerWash's micro-nozzles provide a precise and efficient method for rinsing the external surface of the containers while minimising water consumption. They are especially adept at reaching awkward places whilst maintaining high production speeds, ensuring the product is hygienic and the appearance is first class.
The included Secomak AquaMinder will automatically start the rinsing process only when production is running and there are cans, bottles or jars available. If the line stops, the system will automatically shut down but is ready to start as soon as the line starts again to further reduce water consumption.
Washing cans, bottles and jars is important to remove product overfill and other unwanted contaminates. This minimises rejects and stoppages – a critical requirement to keep the factory running smoothly.
All water is contained within the system, minimising airborne moisture and keeping the factory a clean and safe environment. It’s built using stainless steel and food grade plastics for simple cleaning and maintenance, whilst double hinged gull wing doors give full, unrestricted access.

Recycling and Filtration System (Optional)

A completely automated recirculation system, the additional water tank filtration system can reduce water consumption by over 50%.
The water used in the washing process is captured within the tunnel by an integrated drip, which drains into the water storage tank. The water is then pumped through the integrated filtration system allowing the water to reused immediately. The tank automatically refills to maintain the optimum water level between the high/low level indicators, ensuring that there are no gaps in production.
The system is controlled by an HMI where information on the filter status can be seen along with other controls of the system.

Add Drying With The Secomak PowerGuide

  • Dry Cans, Bottles and Jars at up to 125,000 units /hr.
  • DryGuide technology enables leading performance and efficiency.
  • Toolless design for fast product change over.
  • Combine the PowerWash and PowerGuide for the most comprehensive Washing and Drying Solution.
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