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Advanced Communications

Serving the Defence and Blue Light sectors for over 90 years, Vitavox develop, manufacture and supply loudspeakers, headsets, microphones, public address systems, and vehicle intercom systems for the global land and maritime sectors. Our commitment to creating the highest specification audio equipment has kept Vitavox at the forefront of tactical communications, working in partnership and supplying the primes and global defence market across numerous projects.

Our ViTac Personal Communication System provides advanced headsets and hearing protection for both mounted and dismounted personnel.  Together with our ViTac Communications Hub (VCH) , we provide the user with unparalleled situational awareness and communication capability for all operators  .

The Outacom® is a fully qualified (GVA compliant) in service tactical vehicle public-address system. Warn, Report, Direct, Control, Deceive and Inform from the safety of the vehicle.

Our fully approved and in-service   vehicle Cross Domain Audio System (CDAS) enables physical and electronic separation of secure and insecure radios when used inside a classified internal communications system.

Installed on numerous vessels including the Type 23 Frigates, Astute Class Attack Submarines, and Dreadnought Class SSBN’s our products are compliant with stringent defence standards, are robust, effective and dependable, ensuring a long operational life.

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