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About Secomak
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      We specialise in excellence, to survive and thrive we must ensure we are always ready to meet the next opportunity.

      Testing and development facility

      Secomak’s position as a leader in air movement technology comes from investing in both product development and supporting employees in the company. These are core values to Secomak, reinforced by the testing facility used to perfect new products.

      We keep up date with the latest instrumentation and testing methodology to ensure our blower and fan technology continues to stay at the forefront.

      Secomak Testing Center

      Operating since 2009

      Product Testing Centre

      Secomak and the University of Hertfordshire work together to optimise new products and develop innovative drying and energy saving technology, designed in-house by the company. Less than 30 minutes away, it is a powerful addition to the business’ main operations.

      As a fully functional processing line, the testing facility has been in operation since 2009. Installed at the centre is a high-speed conveyor capable of running up to 1200 containers per minute, available with both wetting and drying stations.

      With this, Secomak can perform comprehensive drying trials for customers; using a combination of high-speed photography and instrumentation data to determine the drying and energy requirements on any type of container.

      The centre is currently in use by Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PHD students for the completion of projects in conjunction with Secomak. These include low energy techniques in drying, anti-condensation trials and high-speed photography for flow visualization and noise reduction.

      Products and People

      Investing in people

      The testing facility also functions as an education hub. Multiple projects and final year assignments are written into the curriculum using Secomak equipment, challenging young engineers in training to innovate, research and test their own solutions.

      This access to young minds is critical to Secomak’s belief in nurturing young talent, enabling students to gain genuine experience across a variety of industry. This includes beverage, industrial drying and heating, whilst working under expert engineers specialising in design, building and testing; in addition to other business departments in sales, logistics and buying.

      Secomak’s facilities are based on a single site, with factory and office staff working alongside each other. This cohesive environment allows seamless flow of information, ensuring feedback always reaches the right people.

      With Secomak – the product, development, prior and aftersales service are all part of the package.

      Secomak - Investing in People