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BrewDog 2022 New canning line

Trust Secomak for drying cans on their new canning line.

The Customer – BrewDog

Brewdog, now a multinational beer manufacturer, brewed and sold globally but it was not so long ago was operating on a much smaller scale. Founded by James Watt and Martin Dickie in 2007, they wanted to brew beer that would compete with the much larger household UK names. Originally producing small batches sold in North Scotland at farmers markets, they have rapidly grown into a world-renowned brewer.

The Challenge

With the rapid growth, demand on their production lines has never been so high. As a result, in 2022 Brewdog installed a brand-new canning line, capable of producing an impressive 72,000CPH. With no pasteuriser or warmer in the production line the cans are coded empty, filled and quickly sent to final packing in very short time. Not only this, due to their ever-growing list of beers, the line needed to be incredibly flexible with shorter runs, producing both sleek and standard cans, in capacities of 330ml, 440ml & 500ml.

To ensure that the secondary packaging matched the quality of the product, BrewDog needed a reliable and high performing can dryer. Not only capable of drying all surfaces of the can including the base but incredibly easy to adjust between can sizes as well as being as compact as possible, due to the new line being installed in a very small footprint. Having previously suffered with reliability and ease of use from previous drying manufactures, BrewDog trusted Secomak for their new project.

The Solution

The Secomak DryGuide was the perfect choice for drying the complete can, including the base without the need to invert the can. With capacity of up to 90,000 cans per hour, it not only the met immediate demands but provides opportunity to increase production as this company continues to grow.

The machine has been developed with the end user in mind and the demands on current production lines, with fewer operators and more production lines running multi formats. Whilst the angle of the air has been fixed there are still adjustments required when changing between formats. Adjustments are achieved without the use of tools, there are markings and product stops to ensure repeatable settings. Changes can be made in seconds with the confidence knowing that when that first new container has run, it will be dry.

The line has now been running for over a year, so on a recent visit it was great to catch up with the team at BrewDog and see how the machine has performed in real life. It is safe to say that the machine has met and passed all expectations, consistently drying the cans, and has been an operators dream, with size changes taking seconds without tools, it couldn’t be easier to adjust.


The Benefits

The principle benefit of the Secomak dryers is the technology “DryGuide”. Developed utilising computational fluid dynamic simulation, high speed photography, wind tunnels & energy monitoring equipment. Careful consideration has been made to every design element of the machine, with extensive research and development into airflow and the surfaces of beverage cans.

DryGuide technology embodies years of performance data to achieve the optimum position for drying, fixed so the operator cannot make a mistake during commissioning and size changes. Ensuring that the airflow is in the correct position not only guarantees the product will be dry but is done so with as little energy consumption as possible.

Our latest technology is our correct orientation can dryer, drying the dome of the can in the upright position, removing the need to twist the can, saving the customer invaluable line space, and preventing unwanted can damage. This technology has changed the way can lines are designed, removing the twist in a can line has been invaluable. Can makers are forever trying to reduce the material used in cans thus making them more sustainable, resulting in a much lighter weight can. The problem is this can be easier to damage during can handling, with the can twist being the biggest contributor to can damage.

DryGuide correct orientation can drying solves this challenge.

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