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Can Drying Prevents Stress Corrosion

After upgrading their production line, the customer needed a new Drying Solution. The PowerGuide came with complete can top / can base drying preventing stress corrosion and ensuring clear date coding, quick format changes and auto cleaning.

The Customer

One of Europe’s largest beer manufacturers, with 160 breweries based across more than 70 countries, the customer produces local, regional and international brands of specialty beers and ciders.

This production line is based in the north of England, UK. Having already had Secomak Drying Machines installed at other sites around the world, the customer had the experience and confidence to trust Secomak’s equipment and support to meet their demanding expectations.

The Challenge

Making upgrades to their production line, the customer needed new drying machines. Their latest packing material required a completely dry can surface.

Evolution in can technology has resulted in far lighter materials. The process is called “lightweighting” and allows reductions on raw materials, transportation costs and our impact on the environment. This means that a 330 ml can from 60 years ago could weight more than 80 g, but today typically weighs only 13 g!

However, this increases the possibility of stress corrosion around the laser-cut ring pull on the top of the can. A completely dry can surface eliminates this risk, and the customer was keen to proactively prevent this from occurring on their line. The dome base of the can also had to be completely dry for immaculate inkjet date coding.

The Solution

The PowerGuide was the solution of choice for completely drying the top and base of the cans. Maintaining the line speed was critical, with the PowerGuide easily delivering dry cans at a constant 90,000 cans p/hr. This split into 2 legs to allow inspection separate from the main line, reducing the risk of halting the line.

Secomak supplied 4 PowerGuide modules. 2 machines were used to dry the dome at the base of the can, then the twist would take place, where the remaining PowerGuide’s would remove moisture from the can tops.

The PowerGuide’s auto-clean function allows it to clean itself as it stands, without manual cleaning by an employee, continuously improving hygiene standards.

Compatible with single-minute exchange of dye (SMED), the PowerGuide automatically identifies the product that is being produced, using the customer’s colour code system and visible from the exterior of machine.

As different can sizes are used on the same production line, a quick to adjust drying solution was key. The PowerGuide features DryGuide™ Technology to make this effortless, while retaining performance and efficiency. The can sizes the machine needed to service included: 330 ml

  • 440 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 568 ml

Supplying multinational organisations around the world, Secomak has equipped brands such as ABInBev, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Pepsi and Magners with drying solutions for over 40 years. This expertise has driven development of the PowerGuide Drying Machine.

The Benefits

Utilising revolutionary DryGuide™ Technology, the PowerGuide’s drying fixture is integrated into the guidance system, permanently fixing it into the optimum position for unrivalled drying performance and efficiency. The dome can base, and the top of the can are completely dried, allowing rapid date coding, whilst preventing stress corrosion on the can top. This helps keep the can strong as it is inverted, minimising the chance of product leakage, and keeping it resilient for transportation.

The PowerGuide’s drying module boasts set positions and quick changes between can sizes, with no tools required, eliminating operator error and minimising disruption to the production line during product changeover.

The customer’s production line runs at 90,000 cans p/hr, well within the PowerGuide’s limits. This allows the line to increase speeds up to 125,000 cans p/hr in future without upgrading the drying machine or needing any additional spend. The PowerGuide’s gullwing doors aid access and its compact footprint help save on valuable floor space, granting a shorter production line if required.

Powered by efficient and reliable centrifugal blower technology, the PowerGuide needs minimal maintenance. Engineered using food grade components and with simple installation into existing production lines, the PowerGuide offers industry leading drying performance, ease-of-use and reliability combined with Secomak’s expert technical support. It’s acoustic properties also keep noise levels to a minimum, ensuring the machine is safe for staff to operate.

Ask us to find out how the Secomak PowerGuide can help with your rinsing or drying application for cans, bottles or jars.

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