Case Studies

Removing coating from sheet metal using Secomak 492 blowers and a unique air knife set up

Designed to the customers needs.

The Customer 

A worldwide customer, based in Slovakia who provide Colour Coating or Paint Coating solutions on different types of sheet metals including Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium and Steel / Aluminium Composites.

The Challenge – Sheet metal coating removal

For this customer the challenge is to remove excess coating from the sheet metal to ensure the amount used is consistent. This then allows the next stage of the process to take place.

The Solution

A Secomak drying kit that consists of two 492 blowers with multi V belts, mounted to the exterior of the machine with two 1500mm aluminium air knives mounted inside the customers machine at the exit to remove excess coating which is then collected and re used.  Both blowers supply air flow to both air knives, one at each end so there is maximum airflow supplied to the air knife and also requires minimal ducting to the air knives. This is a unique design with two end entry air knives rather than single end entry.

The Benefits

The coating can be re-used within the machine whilst the sheet metal has an even coating applied for the next stage of the process. Using two blowers means there is little chance of inconsistent air flow giving the best possible distribution of the coating.


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