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Drying Machines

Mistral V

Cap and under crown drying can be awkward. The Mistral V has been engineered to solve this problem.

Features & Benefits

The Mistral V uses micro-nozzles to dry caps and under crowns, atomising water from awkward locations. Compatible with bottles, cans and jars.


Cap and under crown drying

Harnessing a unique design that comprises multiple micro-nozzles, the Mistral V can reach the tricky locations other drying solutions cannot. The counter facing nozzles direct powerful jets of compressed air accurately across the surface of any bottle, can or jar, to reach even the most inaccessible of places.


Forged from stainless steel

Two Ringjet Air Amplifiers clear the tops and sides of the container of any residual moisture, resulting in a product that is ready to package immediately.


Light and compact

The Mistral V is designed to fit over an existing conveyor for easy integration into any line and includes quick-set height adjustments to suit multiple container sizes for rapid changeovers.


Compatible & Eco-friendly

Paired with the Secomak AirSaver, compressed air is automatically regulated, switching off when no product is passing on the conveyor. When combined with eco-friendly water recycling, the Mistral V is both extremely efficient and effective.

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Mistral V

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