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Secomak feature on BBC’s ‘Inside the Factory’

BBC’s Inside The Factory visited Molson Coors in Burton upon…

Secomak feature on BBC’s ‘Inside the Factory’

BBC’s Inside The Factory visited Molson Coors in Burton upon Trent, to follow the production process of various beers and lagers from raw ingredients, to cans ready for consumption.

Over the next twenty four hours, three million pints of beer will roll off the end of this production line – Gregg Wallace

And Secomak ensure those three million cans are dry enough to pack and store on the same production line, using their their Container Drying Systems, such as the PowerGuide air knife drying machine.
Inside The Factory’s investigation helps to highlight what goes on throughout the production process; including brewing, filling, the type of water used and even how the shape of the drinking glass can influence the flavour.

They’ve been making beer on this site since 1777, and today they knock out six different varieties – Gregg Wallace

Some of the brands you may recognise that Molson Coors brew on site include:
  • Carling
  • Cobra
  • Coors
  • Grolsch
  • Mitchells and Butlers
  • Worthington

Producing so many cans creates a lot of problems, requiring that the product be completely dry when it reaches the end of the line, so the product can be packed and shipped straight away. This keeps the line running quickly and smoothly.

Secomak Drying Machines remove moisture to ensure the following actions can take place without delay:

  • Container Sleeving or Printing
  • Date Coding
  • Prevention of Rust
  • Preventing Bacterial Growth
  • Immediate Packaging
  • Safe for Storage or Transportation

When it comes to mass production, drying becomes a critical part of the production line, keeping output high and rejections and stoppages to a minimum.

For more information on the PowerGuide drying solution or any of our other products, please contact our sales team.

Gregg Wallace - Secomak DryingGregg Wallace Introduces Molson Coors’ Production Line
Images © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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