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Can Base Drying With Auto-Guide Adjustment

An international soft drink brand needed their beverage cans to be completely dry for accurate date coding.

The PowerGuide and it’s revolutionary DryGuide™ Technology combined with custom modifications for this project, integrated seamlessly with the customer’s own automatic guidance system.

The Customer

The most recognisable soft drink brand in the world, operating more than 500 brands from over 200 countries. Today the company is a market leader of non-alcoholic beverages, concentrates and syrups, which are shipped around the world and produced locally. They have a strong presence in the energy drink and healthy beverages marketplace, as well as traditional drinks such as tea and coffee.

This production line is based in Italy. Having worked with us before, Secomak’s Drying Machines were recommended by another production facility of the customer in Northern Ireland.

The Challenge

Due to rising demand, more capacity was needed urgently. This was a brand new line that required a drying machine.

With no old equipment to replace, the objective was simple; to remove all water from the can base after the filling and rinsing process and prior to date coding. The dome of the can base needed to be completely dry to avoid the date code from smearing, ensuring a clear and legible application every time.

The line operated at 90,000 cans p/hour. This is typical of a high speed beverage production line and highlights the critical importance of drying, and the benefits of a professionally engineered solution that is installed by a leading OEM.

The Solution

The Secomak PowerGuide and its innovative DryGuide™ Technology completely removes all water from the dome in the base of the can.

This iteration of the PowerGuide was customised to take advantage of Secomak’s innovative DryGuide™ Technology to completely dry the can base; whilst integrating seamlessly with the customer’s automatic guide system that was being installed throughout the rest of the production line. Their guide system was able to adjust freely inside the PowerGuide without any manual setting changes required, minimising operator input and lowering the risk of error.

The PowerGuide had to be easy to change formats to the following can shapes and sizes:

  • 150ml Slim Can
  • 250ml Slim Can
  • 330ml Sleek Can and Standard Cans
  • 500ml Standard Cans

Despite this line running at 90,000 cans p/hour on this production line, only a single PowerGuide module was necessary for correct orientation can base drying. In fact, it provides the customer with the headroom to raise production to 125,000 cans p/hour in future, without the need to purchase a new machine or adapt the line during potential future upgrades.

Supplying multinational organisations around the world, Secomak has equipped brands such as ABInBev, Heineken, Carlsberg, Pepsi and Magners with drying solutions for over 40 years. This expertise has driven development of the PowerGuide Drying Machine.

The Benefits

The PowerGuide’s remarkable DryGuide™ Technology integrates the drying fixture into the guidance system, providing unrivalled performance and efficiency. This is the crucial component that allowed the production line to operate at full speed (with capacity for higher speeds) and return totally dry cans, whilst supporting rapid and accurate date coding.

The PowerGuide’s drying module boasts set positions and a “can setting” device for swift changes between can sizes. As no tools are required, the PowerGuide eliminates operator error and minimises disruption to the production line during format changes. For this specific case, the requirement was to integrate with the customer’s automatic adjusting guides.

Powered by efficient and reliable centrifugal blower technology, the PowerGuide requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with gull wing doors for easy access during format changes. Engineered using food grade components and with straightforward installation into existing production lines, the PowerGuide offers industry leading drying performance, ease-of-use and reliability combined with Secomak’s expert technical support.

The PowerGuide’s acoustic properties keeps noise levels to a minimum, ensuring the machine is safe for staff to operate.

Ask us to find out how the Secomak PowerGuide can help with your drying application for cans, bottles or jars.

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