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Aircraft Transmission Testing Using High Pressure Airflow

A prime aerospace, defence and security company needed consistent high pressure airflow to test aircraft transmission systems. With multiple test rigs available, the Secomak Model 428 High-Speed Fan was selected.

The Customer

The customer specialises in aerospace, defence, and security. They innovate across five divisions, including Helicopters, Aircraft, Aerostructures, Electronics and Cybersecurity.

One of the leaders in defence technology, they employ over 50k people worldwide.

The Challenge

The customer needed to test aircraft transmission systems in a consistent environment that was easy to replicate every time.

Using a specific type of Test Bed Torquemeter, they needed to pass air across a surface at high speed, forming a seal. If transmission speed of the aircraft exceeded a set amount, this aerodynamic seal was required for testing to be relevant and accurate.

Multiple test rigs are used for this purpose, and a product that supplied consistent high pressure air on demand was critical for this application.

The Solution

The Secomak Model 428 Belt-Driven High Speed Fan was selected for use with the customer’s test rigs. Testing aircraft transmission systems demanded that the air pressure was consistent for accurate results and data benchmarking.

The Model 428 provides a reliable and consistent pressure boost for extended periods. Testing for roughly 2 to 3 hours at a time, the Model 428 Blower can supply the required pressure multiple times over.

The Benefits

Consistent high pressure is the single greatest benefit of the Model 428. Allowing the customer to benchmark and test their aircraft transmission systems in the same conditions every time.

Secomak’s Belt-Driven Centrifugal Fan technology ensures reliability, with minimal maintenance required. Replacement belts are inexpensive and simple to change, minimising downtime and making sure it is easy to schedule by the customer.

The blower has excellent IE3 motor efficiency for low energy consumption, combined with a compact footprint, granting greater flexibility to the customer to position it wherever needed.

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