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Can Drying – Removing the “Twist”

Moisture was causing stress corrosion to the cans. Inverting the can to dry the base was not an option, so it had to be completely dried whilst remaining upright throughout production.

The Customer

Located in southern Europe, this customer has offices and production facilities across the region.

The customer has various commitments to nutrition, society, and the environment, including optimising industrial processes and packaging, whilst improving sustainable supply.

They boast numerous beverage brands, including fruit juice, tea and water.

The Challenge

The customer needed a high-quality drying solution to remove all moisture and eliminate stress corrosion without inverting the can.

Insufficient drying allows moisture to remain on the can, which itself can lead to stress corrosion. The client’s old drying equipment was starting to fall below the highest standards they required, increasing the risk of wastage and a reduction in product quality.

Another factor is that evolution in can technology has allowed the side walls to become thinner, reducing the raw materials required and cutting production costs. Inevitably however, this has also lowered the strength of the each can.

In the past, cans were inverted or “twisted” to position the base of the can for optimal drying and coding, but this twist placed additional stress on the can itself. To protect the cans, they are now coded empty and remain upright throughout the entire production process, meaning the can must remain on the conveyor and be dried from underneath.

A double challenge. How can you entirely dry the base and body of the can without the twist?

The Solution

The PowerGuide removes moisture from the base and the entire surface of the can, even in the upright position.
Supplying multinational organisations around the world, Secomak has equipped brands such as ABInBev, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Pepsi and Magners with drying solutions for over 40 years. This expertise has driven development of the Secomak PowerGuide Drying Machine.
The PowerGuide can be installed into a production line and configured in modules depending on the application type. This customer required moisture to be removed from the entire can, necessitating a module for each stage of the drying process, including:
  • Can Top Drying
  • Side Wall Drying
  • Correct Orientation Can Base Drying
The PowerGuide removes moisture at speeds of up to 125,000 cans p/hr.

The Benefits

Utilising revolutionary DryGuide™ Technology, the PowerGuide’s drying fixture is integrated into the guidance system, permanently fixing it into the optimum position for unrivalled performance and efficiency.

The PowerGuide dries the complete can without the twist! The Can Base Drying module manipulates high pressure air flowing underneath the can even when upright, removing the need to invert the can. This total drying performance across all surfaces of the can eliminated excess moisture and the stress corrosion that it contributed to.

Combined with a hygienic drip tray, acoustic properties to reduce noise levels and a “no tools required” design for quick changes between can sizes; the PowerGuide is clean, safe and reduces downtime and operator error.

Powered by efficient and reliable centrifugal blower technology, the PowerGuide requires minimal maintenance. Engineered using food grade components and with straightforward installation into existing production lines, the PowerGuide offers industry leading drying performance, ease-of-use and reliability combined with Secomak’s expert technical support.

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