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Using Heat To Neutralise Waste Contaminants

Roxel Propulsion Systems needed more airflow to neutralise contaminants from explosives using hot air over a prolonged period. The Secomak Heat Pack was chosen for its instantaneous heat and ability to add comprehensive control systems for accurate temperature control.

Using Heat To Neutralise Waste Contaminants

The Customer

Roxel Propulsion Systems design, develop, manufacture, and sell solid propulsion systems and related equipment for all types of rockets, including tactical and cruise missiles for air, sea and ground forces.

Employing 700 people worldwide, they are experts with the chemistry of energetic materials, interior ballistics, and mechanical fields, offering customers bespoke solutions for all elements of propulsion systems.

Roxel’s rocket motors are used in all types of missiles and rockets: air-to-air, ground-to-air, artillery, anti-ship, anti-tank, air-to ground, cruise missiles and guided bombs.

The Challenge

Roxel previously used a Secomak heater and fan to neutralise contaminants from explosives. This involved heating the waste in a special oven to 130 °C over a set time to a level deemed safe enough for disposal. They cannot recirculate air due to the contaminants re-entering the fan-heater combination, requiring the heater to be powerful and efficient.

Their old solution had insufficient airflow to keep pace with the increased volume of contaminated explosive waste that needed processing. The space inside their 10m3 oven was not being fully utilised as the fan-heater combination restricted how much they could heat up quickly. They needed a similar heat output to their existing solution, but in a faster timeframe.

The Solution

The Secomak Heat Pack 18 kW was selected for use by Roxel.

Supplying clean, dry, hot air, it was the perfect turnkey solution for Roxel to integrate into their existing controls and oven. Delivering consistent hot air efficiently is the main benefit of the Heat Pack, as well as coming pre-mounted on its base support with all adaptors included as necessary for a simple, turn-key installation. Optional braked castors and an adjustable height handle are available but were not fitted here.

The heater and blower items used in this Heat Pack are:

This solution can provide an impressive 300 °C of heat at the outlet, combined with 23 mbar of pressure and 2,200 cu.m/hr of volume, leaving plenty of headroom if they wanted to increase their volume or heat level.

The customer requested no controls on this unit, choosing to integrate with their existing system.

The Benefits

The Heat Pack provided reliable, hot air, consistently and on demand. This ensured that the same successful heat treatment was applied to every batch equally, with no dips in quality.

Secomak’s Direct Drive Fan technology ensures fantastic reliability, with zero maintenance required, eliminating downtime, and making sure production is never interrupted.

The DD643 Direct Drive Fan unit uses a modern IE3 motor, for excellent efficiency, particularly when used for a long period continuously.

The Heat Pack is also remarkably compact, pre-mounted to its base frame with all connectors already present, it produces airflow on a par with other solutions that are considerable larger.

Safe and simple to install, it fully complies with CE, EMC & Low Voltage Approvals, to install to any project with ease.

For more information on the Secomak Heat Pack, or any of our other Fans or Heaters, contact us today.

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