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VeeTee – Food Tray Drying

Moisture droplets were increasing the reject rate, impairing date coding and transferring onto the cardboard packaging, affecting product appearance.

The Challenge

Veetee, the global dry rice producer, contacted Secomak to specify drying equipment for the expansion of the microwave rice line at their manufacturing facilities in Rochester, Kent.

Moisture droplets retained on the surface after cooking were interfering with the state-of-the-art vacuum testing equipment, causing a high false rejection rate.

The moisture was also affecting date coding clarity and being transferred into the cardboard packaging, causing poor product appearance.

The new drying system was required to reach a sufficient level of dryness at speeds up to 140 trays per minute.

The Solution

Secomak provided a fully enclosed tray drying system driven by two Model 492 4kW blowers.

The solution was developed around the DryGuide system – specially designed panel technology which ensures a precise collision of air to achieve maximum moisture removal.

The system features six fully aluminium air knives; two positioned above and below the in-and out-feed belts and two aligned with the UHMWPE DryGuide panels along the sides of the conveyor.

The reject rate has been significantly reduced and the packaging is now free of moisture, ensuring the final appearance meets the demanding customer expectations.

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