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New Development in Fans & Blowers

Secomak’s range of Fans and Blowers have been relied on for years by our clients for their excellent performance, high efficiency, and rock-solid reliability.

New Development in Fans & Blowers

Even so, our engineers have identified areas to refine, improving performance further whilst maintaining the simple and reliable characteristics that customers demand. The updated and expanded range is approaching the final stages of development, with expected release due in Q4 2021.

High Velocity Fans - Model 428
Secomak’s High Velocity Blower (Model 428)


Secomak supply high-speed fan and blower solutions to customers across the UK and internationally, ranging from cooling, heating, dust and debris transportation, hazardous gas ventilation and high-speed air applications. Even if your application is unique, it’s likely we have supplied a solution before.

If you have an application that requires heated or cool high-speed airflow, ask our sales team to help you select a solution.

Direct Drive - Model 643
Secomak’s Direct Drive Fan (Model 643)

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