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PowerClean UV

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PowerClean UV

Continuing to develop clean, dry and sterilised canning solutions, Secomak introduce the PowerClean UV machine to provide the ultimate in safe and confidence inspiring FoodBev products.

A high specification UVC sterilisation unit, the PowerClean UV is designed to sterilise packaging surfaces on high speed production lines.

The PowerClean UVC Sterilisation guarantees Log 4 inactivation rates of 99.99% for Bacillus Subtilis, a common food spo

PowerClean UV Emitters

ilage bacteria which lives and multiplies on can lids.

Sterilising the top of the can, the PowerClean uses high-intensity germicidal UVC emitters (pictured) to provide the maximum possible sterilisation.

Tamper element strips and lid labels are increasingly being offered across markets around the world. Consumer confidence is more important than ever in the current global environment, with an increased focus on hygiene from customers and stakeholders across the entire production and delivery process. The protection offered by a foil lid is significant, but only if bacterial inactivation has taken place prior to lid application.

As container and label change-overs require shorter make ready times, it’s critical to sterilise quickly. The PowerClean UV can be specified in multiple modules as required to operate at speeds of up to 125,000 cans p/hr.

Read more about the PowerClean UV Sterilisation machine on our product page

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