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What Is An Air Knife Used For?

Air knives may not be a household term, but these…

What Is An Air Knife Used For?

Air knives may not be a household term, but these versatile devices are indispensable tools in the world of industrial applications. Manufacturing requires pinpoint precision, and in this regard, air knives have revolutionised various industries, including packaging, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and agriculture. But what are air knives used for, and how could they help your industry?

Air knives can remove particles and swarf, thereby ensuring a clean work environment and minimising wear and tear. They can also remove moisture, which is especially valuable in the bottling and canning industry. You can also use an air knife to cool or dry a surface for optimal production results.

It’s no wonder the global air knife market is projected to grow so much. People are finding new potential applications for the devices, and there’s an increased adoption rate of air knives in various industries. Let’s look at the possible uses for air knives more closely.

Clearing the Path: Enhancing Conveyor Systems Efficiency

Conveyor systems, which are pivotal in various manufacturing setups, can encounter operational hurdles due to the accumulation of debris, particles, and sometimes, swarf, especially in industries dealing with bulk materials or components. These accumulations pose a significant risk by potentially disrupting smooth operations and hampering production flow.

In these scenarios, air knives stand out as a brilliant solution. They generate a high-velocity, laminar sheet of air, specifically designed to sweep surfaces clean and prevent materials from adhering to or settling on conveyor belts and products as they move along the production line. This not only ensures the cleanliness of the products but also aids in maintaining the mechanical integrity of the conveyor system itself.

This attribute of air knives seamlessly integrating into conveyor systems and bolstering their functionality is immensely valuable in industries like food processing, where ensuring the cleanliness of the product and the conveyor belt is paramount. For instance, air knives effectively remove excess moisture, leftover particulates, or other contaminants from food items before packaging, all while maintaining the sterility of the process.

Moreover, air knives safeguard the optimal function in contexts like packaging or assembly lines by preventing minor particles or objects from causing blockages or slowdowns. By strategically placing air knives, they act as an invisible barrier or cleaner, averting the possibility of particulate buildup that could impede the machinery’s movement or the product’s progression through the line.

In essence, air knives ensure that conveyor systems operate at peak efficiency by mitigating potential contaminant or particulate interference, providing a solution for maintaining cleanliness and ensuring a smooth, unhindered production flow.

Therefore, air knives are not merely a tool but an integrated system assistant that enhances productivity and reduces downtime, thereby ensuring that both machinery and staff can perform optimally and securely within a stabilised production environment. This, in turn, translates to financial prudence by averting breakdowns, minimising maintenance needs, and ensuring consistent product quality and output.

Ensuring Dryness: Air Knives and Moisture Removal

Air Knife Systems with Air Kinife Compressed Air for High Velocity Air and Blow Off or pressurised air

Moisture can pose a significant challenge in many industries. For example, electronics manufacturing can suffer heavy losses if there’s too much moisture in the environment. The moisture can cause short circuits and various other defects in the products, so avoiding moisture altogether is best.

The food packaging industry is also at risk. Moisture in a food package could lead to the food spoiling before its sell-by date, possibly creating enormous losses for the manufacturer.

Air knives are crucial in removing moisture and ensuring products meet quality standards.

In the bottling and canning industry, for instance, air knives are used to blow a stream of air onto containers to eliminate water droplets before labelling or packaging. This prevents labels from peeling off, keeps moisture out of the contents, and keeps the packaging dry and intact, ultimately improving product presentation, quality, longevity, and consumer satisfaction.

Dual Benefits: Cooling and Drying Surfaces

In many industrial processes, maintaining the right temperature is crucial for product quality, machinery performance, and worker safety. Air knives come to the forefront in such scenarios by offering dual benefits: the efficient cooling and drying of working surfaces.

Cooling Surfaces

In many industries, materials or components undergo heating processes as a part of their production. These processes include plastic extrusion, metal forging, and glass moulding. However, overheating can lead to problems such as material distortion, compromised structural integrity, and even safety hazards.

Air knives provide an effective solution to cool down these heated surfaces rapidly. They achieve this by generating a high-velocity stream of cool air that is directed onto the hot material or component.

This rapid cooling helps maintain the desired temperature range, preventing defects and ensuring consistent quality. It can even reduce cycle times in some industries, increasing production efficiency.

For example, in the automotive industry, air knives are used to cool down newly moulded plastic components before they are removed from their moulds. This process ensures that the components maintain their intended shape and structural integrity while preventing possible damage from excessive heat.

Drying Surfaces

Moisture is a common adversary in industrial settings. It can cause various problems, ranging from corrosion and mold growth to equipment malfunction. Ensuring that surfaces are thoroughly dried is essential to avoid these issues; sometimes, a dry cloth isn’t good enough.

Air knives excel at moisture removal. When products or components must be completely moisture-free before the next manufacturing step or packaging, air knives can blow away any liquid residues. This is particularly vital in industries like food processing, where moisture can compromise product quality and safety.

For example, the printing industry uses air knives to dry ink on paper more quickly. This speeds up the printing process and ensures that the ink adheres properly to the paper, resulting in vibrant and high-quality prints while avoiding smudges or smears.

Air knives offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for maintaining temperature control and surface dryness in industrial processes by providing both cooling and drying capabilities. Their versatility and precision make them invaluable tools in various manufacturing settings where precise control over temperature and moisture levels is critical for efficiency and product quality.

A Staple in Modern Industrial Operations

Air Knife Systems with Air Kinife Compressed Air for High Velocity Air and Exit Air Velocity or pressurised air

Air knives have become a staple in modern industrial operations across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Their versatile and multifunctional capabilities make them indispensable tools for ensuring efficiency, quality, and safety in manufacturing processes.

We’ve already seen the value air knives can add in many industries, but their uses are almost limitless.

In the food industry, they are employed to dry and clean fruits, vegetables, and baked goods before packaging, ensuring that food products remain fresh and free from contaminants. They also help remove excess water from products like meat and poultry, enhancing shelf life and preventing bacterial growth.

The automotive industry uses air knives to cool down hot components, such as engine parts and metal sheets, to prevent overheating and maintain structural integrity. Additionally, they blow away debris and coolant during machining and assembly, keeping the manufacturing environment clean and safe.

In the electronics manufacturing sector, air knives are used for drying printed circuit boards (PCBs) after the soldering process, ensuring that no moisture remains to cause electrical shorts or corrosion. Air knives also assist in cooling down sensitive electronic components, preventing damage due to overheating.

The pharmaceutical industry relies on air knives to maintain cleanliness and precision while producing medications and medical devices. These knives help remove dust and contaminants from tablets, capsules, and medical instruments, ensuring product safety.

Air knives are used in textile production to dry fabrics and remove lint or loose fibres. This contributes to the overall quality of the textiles and reduces the need for additional cleaning processes.

Those are just a few examples of the real-life industrial applications of air knives.

Choosing the Right Air Knife System

Air Knife Systems with Air Kinife Compressed Air for High Velocity Air and Air Knife Slots or pressurised air

Selecting the right air knife system is crucial to optimising its performance in specific applications. There are various types of air knife systems available, including compressed air systems and blower-powered systems. The choice depends on factors such as your airflow requirements, energy efficiency, and acceptable noise levels.

When choosing an air knife system, it’s essential to work with experienced manufacturers like Secomak, who specialise in air knife solutions. They can provide expert guidance and tailor-made systems that meet your unique needs, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in your industrial processes.


Air knives may not be the most well-known tools in industrial settings, but their significance cannot be overstated. From maintaining cleanliness and safety to ensuring moisture removal, cooling, and drying of surfaces, air knives play a vital role in various industries.

In today’s industrial landscape, air knives are indispensable. Choosing the right air knife system is crucial, and partnering with experts like Secomak ensures you get the best solution for your specific requirements. As technology advances, air knives will remain an integral part of modern industrial operations, contributing to enhanced productivity and product quality.

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