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Impellers & Bearing Assemblies

Why Choose Secomak?

Impellers & Bearing Assemblies

Secomak focus on high quality components and materials ensure our customers receive the best quality products. An increasing number of our impellers are machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminium by Secomak Manufacturing Coventry. Our technicians use 5-Axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining techniques to reproduce impellers with extreme accuracy from premium materials.

Machining from solid aluminium creates a stronger product without the porosity associated with cast alternatives, resulting in a higher quality impeller that is inherently more balanced. Despite this, every Secomak impeller is individually and precisely balanced to British Standards specifications. Once the impeller is integrated into the completed bearing assembly, the finished product is of high quality, delivering industry leading performance whilst maintaining a quiet and smooth operation to minimise excess wear.

Secomak’s sealed bearing assemblies incorporate the impeller and shaft using a unique design which eliminates concentric errors, whilst further improving balance and stability. Impeller concentricity (centralised mass) is essential to smooth, quiet and reliable operation and Secomak’s focus on quality materials and manufacturing techniques ensures each client receives a premium quality product every time.

Exclusively tested, every one of our bearing assemblies must pass a vibration monitoring procedure, from which a spectral analysis is made. This analysis covers the frequencies of the bearing elements and all other rotating components to identify any imbalance, ensuring every component is running to Secomak’s exacting standards. If the bearings show any readings outside of our tight tolerances, the bearing assembly is failed and replaced. To continually improve our products, our engineers study causes of failure to improve future designs and ensure the best quality and value is delivered to our customers.

Secomak’s sealed bearing assemblies are available for Natural Gas, Biogas and standard Air applications. Contact us to find out how much it could improve your Fan, Blower or Gas Booster.

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