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Spring Tension Solution

Why Choose Secomak?

Spring Tension Solution

Secomak’s range of Belt Driven Industrial Fans and Blowers are individually tensioned at our UK factory, prior to shipping. This is important in maintaining the correct belt tension without needing operator intervention during everyday use.

Where necessary and for specific products, our Spring Tensioner solution is installed to provide the optimum belt tension. This self-adjusting solution provides constant tension onto the drive belt, helping to reduce slip and secure the belt onto the pulleys, reducing instances of the belt from coming off.

The springs are manufactured and tested during inspection to conform to precise tolerances and when assembled, provide a specific belt tension measured to ensure it is within Secomak’s tight tolerances. This prevents belt slip without exerting excessive load on the bearing, allowing maximum life of all rotating components.

The Spring Tensioner system is automatic, reliable, and remarkably simple, requiring no maintenance during normal operation. It’s available installed as new at our factory, or as an upgrade to your existing belt driven product.

Maintain Optimum Belt Tension with Secomak’s Spring Tensioner System.

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