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Laser Aligned Pulleys

Why Choose Secomak?

Laser Aligned Pulleys

Secomak’s belt driven products, including the PowerGuide Drying MachineModel 588T Gas Booster and Model 587 Turbo Industrial Fan utilise a powerful motor, which needs a heavy-duty drive belt to match! These are different to our smaller fan and blower products, incorporating teeth and improved strength to cope with the increased torque from the motor.

During manufacture at our UK factory, our engineers use laser alignment techniques on our toothed and smooth drive belt products to establish a completely straight, flat plane for the belt to operate. With motor speeds of up to 11,200rpm, Secomak’s blower technology employs incredibly tight tolerances to deliver a product that leads in:



Only the latest “Premium Efficiency” IE3 Motors are used.


Laser aligned belts and pulleys keep the belt tension consistent over longer periods, helping them last longer.


A completely flat plane re

duces vibrations.


Noise absorbing material is installed in the housing unit.

To maintain peak efficiency, Secomak recommends that the drive belts on our systems are inspected every 2 months to monitor belt condition, with replacement recommended each year. Spares are stocked locally at our Elstree UK location, and can be shipped for quick delivery where needed. We support our customers with any questions or concerns and can give advice or engineering support digitally or on-site where required.

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